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      Getting your moves together personal training |high level fitness | dancing classes | moving practice |choreo & creation

      If you love fitness, sports, working out or dancing, Dogwolf helps you get your moves together. Either as a personal trainer for people who are looking for a better way to keep fit, flexible and strong. Either as a dancing teacher, coach and choreographer using the dogwolf experience as circus artist, athlete, boxer and of course as dancer. Dogwolf is Chris De Feyter, a gentle soul in a tough body who has worked all over Europe sharing his energy, knowledge and passion about movement.  Check out his versatile skills that can help you move, fight, dance and feel better, read about his ATAC-strategy and ask more information about his personal training sessions, classes, workshops and bootcamps.

      What you want

      Watch Dogwolf box

      What you need

      Watch Dogwolf dance
      • Expect simple exercises to expand your consciousness about moving, to improve your coordination and to get back to the principles of movement.
      • Train to get more power, flexibility, precision,…
      • Apply your newly trained skills.
      • Create your way of moving.

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